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Green Tea

AriZona’s green tea and green tea natural flavor combinations are so popular because of they are made with 100% natural ingredients. AriZona’s award wining labels are easy to spot and consumers know they are drinking something that is both good for them and great tasting.

Black Tea

AriZona’s natural black tea drinks offer a large variety of flavors and contain all the antioxidants found in black tea. Some of Arizona’s most popular flavors are made from healthful black tea.

Herbal and White Tea

AriZona’s herbal teas have unique combinations of herbal extracts, ginseng, and botanicals to provide either an energy boost or a relaxing effect. AriZona’s white teas are unique and delicious offerings in the market of ready to drink teas.

AriZona Fruit Flavored Juice Drinks

AriZona’s fruit flavored juice drinks are 100% natural drinks with both popular and unique flavor choices. AriZona’s drinks include tropical flavors such as Mucho Mango, Kiwi-Strawberry and Tropical Punch, the unique Watermelon drink, as well as the popular flavors Grapeade, Orangeade, and Cranberry.

Drink Mixes

AriZona offers a selection of tea and lemonade half-and-half drinks that combine the positive attributes of tea, the popular taste of lemonade, all with fewer calories than many of today’s juice drinks.

AriZona Energy Drinks

AriZona’s energy drinks have grown in popularity along with the energy drink market. Caution energy breaks the mold with real fruit juice and a whole lot of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. AriZona’s AZ Energy in regular and Low Carb versions offer a performance blend of ingredients that superbly balance function with flavor. The new Arnold Palmer Drive mixes juice and coconut water with a premium blend of black, white, and green teas for just the right amount of boost to the popular Arnold Palmer half & half drink experience.

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